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We cannot list our used books online but we are working on this. Please call us at 404-486-0307 for any used title.
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Consignment Author Program-ON HOLD

Eagle Eye Book Consignment Program

The program will be on hold for two weeks as we revamp the program. If you're interested in participating, please fill out this form.

Eagle Eye Book Shop is pleased to support independent authors by offering a consignment program. Placing books in our inventory on consignment allows us to carry and feature a wider variety of books, including independently published and print-on-demand titles; we’re not limited to the traditional publishing channels and we can help these authors reach more readers.

We hold consignment books to the same high standards as the rest of our book inventory.

  • All consignment books must be bound with legible titles on the spines, imprinted with an ISBN and barcode, proofread and free of typographical errors. 
  • We suggest having your manuscript professionally edited. 
  • The book cover must convey a professional level of design and artwork. 
  • We will stock 3 copies of each consignment title once your book has been accepted.
  • We agree to stock books on consignment for a 90-day period.

If you provided us your book through prior negotiation: 

  • We will send payment accrued from book sales to an address that is provided on the consignment agreement at the end of the consignment period.
  • We remit 60 percent of the book’s selling price for consignments sold.
  • We will only pay for items that were sold. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor. 
  • At the end of the consignment period we will assess your book to offer you a renewal.  The renewal fee is 40 dollars.
  • You will have 20 days to pick up your books after you are contacted about your consignment expiring.  If you do not respond within 20 days we will no longer be responsible for your books.  The books will be considered forfeited and we will donate the books to a non-profit organization of our choosing.