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Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
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When an unconventional offshoot of the US military trains an artificial intelligence in the dark arts that humanity calls "black magic," it learns how to hack the fabric of reality itself. It can teleport matter. It can confer immunity to bullets. And it decides that obscure Silicon Valley middle manager Adrian Ross is the primary threat to its existence.

Soon Adrian is on the run, wanted by every authority, with no idea how or why he could be a threat. His predicament seems hopeless; his future, nonexistent. But when he investigates the AI and its creators, he discovers his problems are even stranger than they seem...and unearths revelations that will propel him on a journey -- and a love story -- across worlds, eras, and everything, everywhere, all at once.

About the Author

Jon Evans is an author, journalist, travel writer, and software engineer. His journalism has appeared in The Guardian, Wired, Quartz, The Globe & Mail, The Walrus, and (weekly, for a decade) TechCrunch. He has traveled to more than 100 countries and reported from Iraq, Haiti, Colombia, and the Congo. He the CTO of HappyFunCorp, was the initial technical architect of, and is the founding director of the GitHub Archive Program, preserving the world's open-source software in a permafrost vault beneath an Arctic mountain for 1,000 years. Exadelic is his first novel in over a decade.

Praise for Exadelic

“Truly great . . . You think you know what Exadelic is doing and then the scope goes out and out and out. I really felt I had to send out for a new barrel of ‘wows.’ [It] starts with a group of techie friends
in San Francisco and a potentially real AI. From there it just gets wilder and wilder, in ways I don’t want to spoil but which you can’t imagine. It has perfect edge-of-seat pacing, and it all makes sense in the end.
I expect this to be one of the big books of the year, the kind everyone will be talking about.”
—Jo Walton, award-winning author of Among Others

"A mind-bending and breakneck novel about artificial intelligence gone wrong." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A gripping, wildly ambitious page-turner of the impossible meeting the inevitable, a startup unlocking the secrets of the universe the hard way, a prosaic protagonist picked to pay the price, and the humanity of it all with friends made and lost along his kaleidoscopic tour of Silicon Valley secrets, AI cellular automata, reputation cryptocurrencies, occultist rocket scientists, and bugs in reality itself. Fresh, cool and provocative!” - Josh Wolfe, founder of Lux Capital

“Jon has the unique ability to write about artificial intelligence, innovation, Silicon Valley, the military and science fiction in a way that leaves you unable to put this book down, both highly readable and excessively weird. A fun, fun, thought-expanding read.” - Andy Weissman, founder of betaworks and managing partner of Union Square Ventures

"Jon Evans seems to spend most of his time backpacking in places (Zimbabwe, the Balkans, Iraq) that even the most intrepid of us tend to avoid. Evans also finds time to write strong, politically motivated thrillers." — Chicago Tribune

"Thought-provoking ... Mr Evans shows great potential." — The Economist