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The Wedding Night Before Christmas (Discreet Cover Edition #7)

The Wedding Night Before Christmas (Discreet Cover Edition #7)

Current price: $17.99
Publication Date: September 10th, 2022
Kati Wilde
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In this special holiday cover edition, a dirty-talking mechanic proposes to a lady billionaire to get revenge on the powerful family who ruined his mother...


When an opportunity to take everything from the powerful family who destroyed his mother's life falls into Caleb Moore's lap, he needs help from the one person with more power and money than they have-business mogul, Audrey Clarke. The trick is getting her attention. So he approaches the infamous ice queen with an unusual proposition: marriage.

The odds of a snowball surviving in hell are better than the chances of a rich, classy lady like Audrey Clarke marrying a mechanic from the wrong side of the tracks. He only hopes that she might consider a business partnership when she's finished laughing at his marriage proposal.

He never expects her to say yes-or that the ice queen could burn so hot. Because Audrey Clarke isn't cold at all. And if Caleb's not careful, the only thing he'll give her for a broken heart.

And don't miss the two-for-one special edition of Secret Santa & All He Wants For Christmas, designed to match The Wedding Night Before Christmas - and with their discreet covers, no one will know just how scorching hot the stories are...