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Sarah Williams is a Juvenile Fiction author who moved to Decatur from Utah. She enjoys all types of genres but her favorites are classic literature.

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I didn't read this until well into adulthood, but I have a passion for children's books and a good ghost story. This is one of my favorites.This story made me need to sleep with the lights on. An unnerving and genuinely scary book about complicated family relations, loss and love. Molly and her newly blended family move to a house in the country. As she explores the new property and attempts to make friends with her reluctant, mysterious and sometimes cruel new little step sister, strange things start to happen. Hahn treats children and the complicated issues they face with respect, compassion and honesty, and never talks down to them. She helps those of us who aren't children anymore remember the unique struggles children face to be heard and loved during times of upheaval and change that they have no control over. A traditional things-that-go-bump-in-the-night ghost story with a decidedly modern take. I recommend this book to adults and kids who like a good, scare and a beautiful story of love and redemption.


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