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  • The Book of Longings
  • Sue Monk Kidd
  • ISBN: 9780525429760
  • Publisher: Viking
  • Pub Date: 04/2020
  • Pages: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
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With prose that will sound like pure poetry and the ability to escape into a very rich world of Gallilee during the time of Jesus, The Book of Longings was sure to become a best seller.  The main character is a young jewish girl who is imprisoned in her station being a girl who were supposed to be docile, submissive and subserviant.  She is extremely smart, loves to read, write and could translate many languages.  She is able to to do those things up until she is betrothed to an old man while she is barely the age of 16.  She is bargained away by her rich father who wanted her to maintain a high station with another rich widower.  Everything changes when she meets jesus.  Told in such a thrilling and descriptive way you can tell Kidd did tremendous research and allows you to understand the way the culture was and why.  

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