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  • The Santa Suit: A Novella
  • Mary Kay Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781250279316
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • Pub Date: 09/2021
  • Pages: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
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The Santa Suit

By:  Mary Kay Andrews


The Santa Suit is THE must-read, feel-good read of the Christmas season! 


A young, disillusioned, but hopeful, young woman, fresh out of a divorce, decides to leave her city home and move to a farm in the country, so she buys one—sight unseen!  Since the old farmhouse was left in deplorable (and junky!) state, it must be fixed up and cleaned out.  During this process, a couple of old but beautiful Santa and Mrs. Santa suits are discovered.  What a wonderful surprise!


It seems that the former owners, who have now passed away, used to decorate the house to the extreme and, also, play Mr. and Mrs. Santa in town during the Christmas season.  There is; however, another, not so wonderful, surprise.  A handwritten note in a child’s hand is discovered in the pocket of the Santa Suit.  It expresses the child’s only Christmas wish—for the child’s father to return safely from the War.


A search for the fate of the father ensues which involves many in the community, and, of course, takes twists and turns. 


Spoiler Alert:  This story has a happy ending (my personal favorite!)!  Buy it and read it BEFORE Christmas!  (Hint:  It will make a great holiday gift—especially a signed copy!)

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