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  • Every Summer After
  • Carley Fortune
  • ISBN: 9780593438534
  • Publisher: Berkley Books
  • Pub Date: 05/2022
  • Pages: 320
  • Format: Paperback
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Publish date: November 2022
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4.5 stars!

The first thing about this book that caught my attention was the synopsis. A romance that was six years in the making, that somehow fell apart resulting in a very long separation, and a single weekend in which Persephone and Sam fall back in love? Yes please! My instincts were spot on and I devoured this book.Yes please! My instincts were spot on and I devoured this book. 

There's so much to love about this story- there's angst for sure, and also this delicious intense connection and yearning between Percy and Sam. It was hard to reconcile the Percy at the beginning of the book with the Percy that slowly unfurled on the pages as we went back in time to the beginning of Percy's time in Barry's Bay and when she met Sam. It was wonderful to watch their friendship develop, strengthen, and change, and heartbreaking to watch it fall apart. You can see Percy's metamorphosis as she reconciles the past and the present, and all that's changed.

Persephone and Sam have this chemistry that was so enjoyable. I think it was all the stronger because they were friends first.  I loved how the story is told from Persephone's point of view, and can't help but wish we'd also gotten Sam's. It would've been like getting sprinkles on top of an iced cake. Also because I would've loved to have been in his mind to see the relationship change and to see the devastation of things falling apart. 

It's always a testament to an author's writing when you forget of what's coming. I am so impressed with Carley Fortune's writing. I found myself caught up not only in the story and writing, but also in the emotions Sam and Persephone were dealing with, as well as of those around them. The way Fortune handles grief, forgiveness, and broken hearts with gentleness and care is to be commended. It's perfect for the beach, but maybe keep some tissues on hand in case you find yourself moved like I did. 

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