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  • How to Fake It in Hollywood
  • Ava Wilder
  • ISBN: 9780593358955
  • Publisher: Dell
  • Pub Date: 06/2022
  • Pages: 384
  • Format: Paperback
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Preet’s Rating    

This book! I knew when I first read the synopsis this book was an absolute must read for me. I am weak I tell you, weak for the fake dating trope! Add in a jaded, grumpy hero and a heroine who is trying to change her teenybopper image in the public eye and it was like Ava Wilder wrote the book for me. I am all about feelings and emotions, and How to Fake it in Hollywood really brings it. 

The first interaction Grey Brooks has with Ethan Atkins told me their chemistry was going to be intense and undeniable, and I loved the back and forth between them. Grey might look all nice and sweet, but she can hold her own with Ethan who is surly as all get out, and I loved how it shocked him and challenged his own beliefs about why Grey would be interested in entering into a fake relationship with him. Both of them have hidden depths that an outsider wouldn't see or understand. 

More than the amazing dialog and attraction, I loved how they truly loved each other, scars and warts and all. There are some really tough moments and if you're sensitive to issues, please read the trigger warnings beforehand, but I love the sincerity and depth they're treated with. It felt like a Hollywood romance I knew and was familiar with, but also simultaneously fresh and new. I can't think of another Hollywood romance like it, and that more than anything sticks out in my mind. 

Ava Wilder's debut novel How to Fake it in Hollywood is a fantastic story, not just a fantastic romance. It's near perfection and I am so happy I got to read it. I plan on adding a signed copy to my own bookshelf in the near future and cannot wait to hear more about her next book. 

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