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  • Love on the Brain
  • Ali Hazelwood
  • ISBN: 9780593336847
  • Publisher: Berkley Books
  • Pub Date: 08/2022
  • Pages: 384
  • Format: Paperback
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Ali Hazelwood's highly anticipated sophomore novel Love on the Brain is one of my favorite reads this year. I love the designation of STEM-inist romance, and it is as the name suggests, featuring women in science and technology overcoming personal and professional obstacles while also finding love. Bee is wonderful and while I didn't like how many roadblocks were put in her path, I loved her attitude of "What Would Marie Curie Do". I also love her unwillingness to back down. Her chemistry with Levi her co-lead on this project for NASA is delightful, even if he is her sworn enemy. And Levi, even though he doesn't have a point of view, was the cinnamon alpha hero of my dreams. Who doesn't love a smart man?! 

Love on the Brain is a treat, hitting the right balance between heavy elements and themes, and left me turning page after page, wanting to get to the end, but also not wanting to finish the book. There were a couple of unexpected surprises, that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did! 

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