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  • The Wedding Ringer
  • Kerry Rea
  • ISBN: 9780593201848
  • Publisher: Berkley Books
  • Pub Date: 11/2021
  • Pages: 352
  • Format: Paperback
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Preet’s Rating    

I went into this book with no expectations other than the synopsis sounded promising, and I found a story I loved and could not put down! The Wedding Ringer's was such a wonderful surprise and I am so impressed with Kerry Rea's debut novel and writing.

I love how the book straddles both romance and women's fiction and does both justice. While the romance is not the central theme, it is well developed. Willa and Dr. Liam have palpable chemistry, and I loved their interactions with one another- the push and pull kept me wondering if/when they were going to give in to what was growing between them. And when they did...*fans self*.

Coming to the women's fiction aspect, the main theme was really friendship. Many different aspects are portrayed, not just between Willa and Maisie, but how it's affected their lives and brought them to their current situations.

I was really surprised by how many emotions this book made me feel and how deeply. While I wouldn't categorize this book at all as a romantic comedy, there were plenty of moments where I did find myself smiling or laughing. Kerry Rea manages to balance the heavy themes with lightness, humor, and romance, making for an unforgettable book!

I think this was one of the most underrated books I read in 2021 and Kerry Rea is an author to watch out for!

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