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  • Nothing Burns as Bright as You
  • Ashley Woodfolk
  • ISBN: 9780358655350
  • Publisher: Versify
  • Pub Date: 04/2022
  • Pages: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Adult Age:
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Publish date: February 2023
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Nothing Burns as Bright as You is a wonder! I can't believe how quickly I read the book, it felt more like I inhaled it. I was inundated with so many emotions as I read and I reveled in each of them- regardless of the happiness, sadness, or pain I felt.

I clearly have been sleeping on Ashley Woodfolk and books written in verse. Both are mistakes I will not make again. I am no longer a teen, and have not been one for years, but Woodfolk eloquently captures the turmoil I remember feeling back then. I felt like I was reliving and experiencing the agonies of not knowing who I was and where I fit in, but also not wanting to. To be acknowledged and seen, to have the one I loved, love me back, and so much more.

Reading this book is a visceral experience and an unforgettable one. It's raw, real, and will give you a new appreciation for novels told in verse.

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