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  • For the Wolf
  • Hannah Whitten
  • ISBN: 9780316592789
  • Publisher: Orbit
  • Pub Date: 06/2021
  • Pages: 448
  • Format: Paperback
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4.75 stars!

For the Wolf is near perfection. It's brilliantly written and with complicated themes and an intricate plot. It was so hard to put down. I fell in love with Red and Eammon, Fife, Lyra, and even Neve, as well as the Wilderwood.

The story really had my adrenaline pumping. The plot slowly unfolds, with actions taking place in two significant locations, the Wilderwood and Valleyda. It's interesting how different the two are, and the contrast shows as the Wilderwood could also be considered a major character. It certainly has a lot of bearing on the plot.

Familial love plays a really strong role, and the bond between Neve and Red really tugged on my heartstrings. I can understand what motivated each to do what they did, even if I didn't always agree with their actions. I also loved how Eammon was determined to keep Red safe, even though he didn't always need to. I wish he'd realized sooner, Red was different from her predecessors. I also loved how strong willed Red was. She was not just angry and determined, she was also afraid and willing to admit to being so, but she didn't let it stop her.

Hannah Whitten's debut is magical and though provoking. It's lingering on my mind and makes me all the more eager to read For the Throne and to find out what happens next to this now beloved cast of characters.

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