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  • Kingdom of the Cursed
  • Kerri Maniscalco
  • ISBN: 9780316428477
  • Publisher: Jimmy Patterson
  • Pub Date: 10/2021
  • Pages: 448
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Adult Age:
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Kingdom of the Cursed is the second book in the Kingdom of the Wicked series written by best-selling author Kerri Maniscalo, and.It.Is.As.Good.As.The.First.Book. The wait for this book was interminable, especially after the ending of Kingdom of the Wicked.


I really wish I could talk more about what I loved about this book, but it might ruin it for those who have yet to start the series. It's faced paced and really moves the narrative along now that Emilia is on track to fulfill the bargain she's made. I really loved how Emilia struggled with her decision, especially since she started on this path because of her desire for vengeance for the death of her twin. I am no closer to figuring out who is responsible, but let me tell you I am eager to get my hands on book 3!


I would also like to note, Emilia is an older teen and there are situations that might suit older teen readers. Beyond that, it is perfect for any age!

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