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  • Pride and Premeditation
  • Tirzah Price
  • ISBN: 9780062889805
  • Publisher: Harperteen
  • Pub Date: 04/2021
  • Pages: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Adult Age:
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I'm not much for murder mysteries. I love the suspense and trying to figure who-did-it, but often you can reasonably figure out who the murderer is. I was so surprised when I started Tirzah Price's Pride and Premeditation and was swept up in the story. It's so well written, and more of a Pride and Prejudice re-mix than a true retelling. It pays homage in the best way to the classic.

I adored the characters, especially Lizzie, and I loved how Price really made this story her own. I was not able to guess the identity of the murderer before the reveal, and I think that made me love the book even more.  If you're an Austenite, like I am, I think you'll love this as much as I did. I am so eager for the next book which comes out in 2022, which features a different Austen title- Sense & Sensibility, but more appropriately, Sense and Second-Degree Murder.

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