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Karim Shabazz- Jesus and Mohammad
Tuesday, January 14
7:00 - 8:00pm

The book Jesus and Muhammad: 2 Rays of the Same Light takes the reader on a journey through the authentic teachings of Jesus and Muhammad. During the course of this journey, each reader is presented with numerous themes and topics that were excellently addressed by Jesus in the New Testament and that were also superbly addressed by Muhammad in the Quran, thus illustrating profound similarities, complements, and parallels. Providing ample food for thought and reflection, the book provides numerous examples where the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad clearly demonstrate continuity, balance, and congruence. An excellent analysis is made of “The Sermon on the Mount,” also entitled “The Beatitudes,” from Jesus while on the mountain, compared to “The Farewell Sermon,” also entitled “The Final Sermon,” of Muhammad, also delivered while on a mountain. The critical insights and synergy is compelling and indeed thought-provoking, as well as inspirational. The book brilliantly explores the subject of religious interfaith, providing scriptural support from Jesus, as per the New Testament, and from Muhammad, as per the Quran, as an unbiased platform. The book does an excellent job of identifying numerous examples where the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad does indeed portray them as two rays of the same light!

Karim Shabazz is an author, religious interfaith consultant, lecturer, and highly decorated retired Navy veteran. His extensive military career afforded him the unique opportunity to travel and sojourn throughout the United States, and abroad to such places as Spain, France, Portugal, Philippines, Japan, as well as Israel. During his tenure in the U.S. Navy, he had the grand opportunity to serve as a religious interfaith spokesperson, during which time he assisted greatly in promoting interfaith symposiums and programs, designed to foster religious understanding and familiarize diverse faith groups with one another among servicemen. He is a vibrant advocate of religious interfaith activity, not for the purpose of trying to convert, but for the higher purpose of identifying sacred commonalities, and building bridges and friendships for community and world peace.

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Jesus and Muhammad 2 Rays Of The Same Light: Profound Similarities, Shared Perspectives, And Congruence In Their Teaching (Paperback )

  • By Mubaashir Uqdah
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  • ISBN: 9780578473666
  • Published: Karim Shabazz