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Webinar: Love The Lifeshocks: A Public Talk with author, Sophie Sabbage
Sunday, October 07
1:30 - 3:30pm

Special Event Offer

It is free to join the webinar so tune in Sunday, October 7th at 1:30pm by going to the link below:

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Dear Friends, 
Following some recent personal ‘lifeshocks’, it is with great sadness that I am no longer able to give my public talk at Eagle Eye Books in Decatur Georgia next weekend. 

My latest scan showed that the primary tumor in my lung had grown for the first time in 3.5 years and needs immediate, intensive radiotherapy. International travel is unwise as is delaying this treatment. 

In place of a live public talk at Eagle Eye Books, which I sincerely hope to do in the spring of 2019, I am offering a free, live, online public webinar to which you are all invited. This will be on October 7th at 1:30PM EST.

I look forward to telling you about my book, Lifeshocks - And how to love them: why I wrote it, where it came from and, most importantly, how these unexpected, often unwanted moments are the most potent and persistent vehicles for transformation that I have ever discovered. I am working with these recent personal ones as I speak and will be sharing about this too. 

Please contact Amycla Webb at with questions about the upcoming October 7th webinar event, and Eagle Eye Books if you want a copy of the book before or after the webinar. 

Webinar details will be published next week.

Again, please accept my apology for not meeting you in person. I also welcome the opportunity to connect with potentially many more people through this online event. 

With my very best wishes,

Sophie Sabbage


“This book is inspiring, meaningful, life-changing. Lots of books come to our offices, but Sophie’s is the real deal.” Suzy Walker, CHIEF EDITOR OF PSYCHOLOGIES MAGAZINE

“This book blew the bars of my heart right off.” Reviewer.

"A spiritual classic." Dave Tomlinson, Author of How To Be A Bad Christian (and a Better Human Being)

The US More To Life Foundation and Eagle Eye Books invite you to celebrate the publication of "Lifeshocks - And how to love them" at a Public Talk given by More To Life Senior Trainer and bestselling author, Sophie Sabbage. Her first book, The Cancer Whisperer put her on the global stage and has been translated into eleven languages. Her latest book, published in hardcover by a UK division of Hachette, is already a Sunday Times bestseller and is receiving wide acclaim.

Who is it for?

Lifeshocks are collision points between life as we perceive it and life as it actually is. We will all experience them - those unexpected or unwanted moments that threaten to derail us. This book is especially for people whose lifeshocks have accumulated to a point where they are asking certain questions: Why is this happening again? What am I not getting? What part am I playing in this? Is life trying to tell me something? It is also for anyone already walking a path of self-awareness and seeking a more authentic, purposeful and potent life.

What is it about and what makes it unique?

Down the ages it’s been a staple of popular wisdom that life’s challenges are sent to try us, and life’s harshest challenges are meant to help us live better and be better. Now, a school of thought that integrates Western psychology with Eastern philosophy has devised a systematic account of how this really works. 

Lifeshocks explains how shocks to the system awaken us to what we don’t want to see about our conditioning and the ways we limit our own potential. Even more uniquely, the book describes three categories of lifeshock: limiting lifeshocks which challenge our arrogance and appetite for control; exposing lifeshocks which challenge our affectations and pretences; and evoking lifeshocks which challenge our closed-heartedness.

Sophie Sabbage, who testifies to the effectiveness of this approach in the life-enhancing way she lives with terminal cancer, writes about deeply personal lifeshocks (her own and other people’s) relating challenges such as: body image, sexual assault, professional failures, the quest for true love, addiction, bullying and bereavement. She also writes about lifeshocks currently impacting the collective on issues like privilege, #metoo, the rise of eating disorders, stress in the workplace and #blacklivesmatter.

Why does this book stand out? 

"As well as being beautifully and bravely written, Lifeshocks is full of surprises, some of which may stop readers in their tracks. Sophie topples prevailing definitions of beauty, success, power and even grief. Lifeshocks also challenges certain 'self-help' norms that cast shadows on the Human Development Movement, including the very notion of 'self-help' itself. This book is intelligent, inspiring, practical and ground-breaking."

Lifeshocks: And how to love them (Hardcover )

  • By Sophie Sabbage
  • Price: $7.00
  • ISBN: 9781473638006
  • Published: Coronet Books