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I Prayed And Everything by Estrell Young III - Inspirational Talk
Tuesday, June 26
7:00 - 8:00pm

Humorous, surprising, and inspiring, I Prayed and Everything is a collection of short stories, beginning with a riveting tale about a boy and car he had no business getting hit by and ending with that same young boy returning, as a man, to the school he tried to burn down to deliver a speech to the student body about "progress over perfection." This book is not a self-help book. It is not a memoir. It is an ode to mistakes and a promise to not making those same mistakes twice.


This book is built upon the three tenants the author lives by:

  • Perfection is unobtainable so just pro-gress.
  • You're always one decision from a totally different life.
  • Don't buy into labels- You're NOT the worst thing you've ever done/You're not the worst thing that has happened to you.

If you're looking for a little inspiration, a bit of motivation, or just an encouraging word to be better than you used to be, this book is for you!

Estrell Young III, a published and award-winning poet, author, and Baltimore native, is just a God-fearing young man riding a ridiculously mean unicorn. After graduating from the University of West Georgia in 2009 and found himself virtually unemployable due to a lengthy criminal history and a DUI arrest he got shortly before graduation. In the months that followed, he battled with depression and self-pity while devouring bottle after bottle of alcohol until his father had had enough. Estrell had struck rock bottom.


One morning Estrell Sr. decided to slide a business card under his son's door and instructed him to call the man listed on the front. This one act of love set in motion a comeback of biblical proportions- Estrell interned for free at a local Public Defender's Office for 9 months, Monday through Friday from open to close he showed people who he was and that he was afraid hard work. He found his passion in public service and he was rewarded with a job. His writing is merely an extension of that love.

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I Prayed and Everything (Hardcover )

  • By Estrell Young III
  • Price: $18.95
  • ISBN: 9780692911853
  • Published: Estrell Young III