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Doug has owned and operated Eagle Eye Books for 14 years and going strong. He is one of the biggest fans of books but tends to focus on Historical Fiction and History. If you like Game of Thrones he is who you will want to talk to and ask him to pull out his hand made Game Of Thrones Map.

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  • On the Water: A Fishing Memoir
  • Guy De La Valdene
  • ISBN: 9781493039647
  • Publisher: Lyons Press
  • Pub Date: 02/2019
  • Pages: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • 0.00
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Guy de la Valdène has quietly published a small handful of books that may go down as the best outdoor sport writing of his generation, his praises spoken among the cognoscenti of woods and water and, increasingly, among a larger audience for whom passages on fishing and nature form a backdrop for reflections on memory, aging, and mortality. A companion of sorts to La Valdène's The Fragrance of Grass, a collection of essays on hunting and nature, On The Water (with a foreword from the author's friend Carl Hiaasen) is an assemblage of pitch-perfect vignettes so aphoristic that to open the book anywhere is to be delighted and instructed by a writer whose work speaks to the power of earned experience. Critics compare La Valdène's writing to that of Aldo Leopold, Vladimir Nabokov, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and Henry David Thoreau. Good company, that. And were they still with us, they'd be equally pleased to be counted in this. - Bookmark


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