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Introducing Sedimentology (Introducing Earth and Environmental Scie)

Introducing Sedimentology (Introducing Earth and Environmental Scie)

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Publication Date: December 7th, 2023
Liverpool University Press
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Sedimentary rocks cover most of the Earth's surface, recording much of the Earth's history and fossil record. In this thoroughly revised and updated popular student introduction the author provides a comprehensive, illustrated overview of sedimentary rock types, structures and depositional environments.

About the Author

Stuart Jones is a Senior Lecturer in sedimentology at the Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University. He is passionate about sedimentology and has taught the subject for many years to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and has led many field trips and training courses for industry.

Praise for Introducing Sedimentology (Introducing Earth and Environmental Scie)

Of the first edition:

"Explanations and discussions of the most important principles and concepts in stratigraphy, a variety of sedimentary basins and fossils, the most common erosional and depositional structures, a range of continental and (marginal) marine sedimentary environments, and the most important resources (‘the riches’) from sedimentary rocks, all feature. Another of the book’s traits is that Jones deliberately uses simple (but not simplistic) terms. Jargon that could not be avoided in the main text of the book is explained plainly in a 5-page glossary." —The Holocene