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The Chase

The Chase

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Publication Date: February 28th, 2022
Victoria Denault
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They crashed and burned in the past, but The Chase is on again.


I grew up on the track, surrounded by race car drivers. I loved it.

But along with the good times came some really bad ones. So, I left that life behind and didn't look back.

Until now.

I never thought I'd care enough about the family legacy to take control when my dad retired. But...I did

So now I'm in charge of a racing team that includes the man who kissed me, then ghosted me before that was even a thing.

Sadly, he's as sexy as ever.

But if he thinks my heart will be his next big win, he's sorely mistaken...


I was worried when Frankie took over Mirabella Racing.

Not for the team. She could handle that. I was worried for me-the guy she hates.

Problem is, I don't hate her. She's...everything.

But in my line of work, relationships are complicated at best, dangerous at worst. Not to mention, now she's my boss.

Even with all those red flags, I still can't stop trying to charm my way into her bed.

She won't make it easy. But I love a good chase...