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Taming Maddie: Destiny II (Destiny Trilogy #2)

Taming Maddie: Destiny II (Destiny Trilogy #2)

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Publication Date: May 21st, 2013
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Arlene Marie Muller's Destiny Trilogy continues in Taming Maddie: Destiny II. Every decision and every experience in the lives of Joanna, Kay, and Maddie has led them to each other. Maddie enters puberty with raw emotions heighten by nightmares in which she revisits the fears and pain of her past. Kay must answer the question why if she is ever to be trusted again. She is not the same person she used to be, and does not know why she hurt the people she loved the most. She wants forgiveness, but must forgive herself first. Joanna cannot control Maddie's dreams, but in Maddie's waking hours, she can fill her life with an abundance of love in an attempt to tame her haunting nightmares and turn them into beautiful dreams full of hope and endless possibilities. She is the source from which Kay and Maddie get their strength. Will her unconditional love be enough to heal the heartache of their pasts? Destiny I and II are contemporary dramas that whisks you through the lives of Joanna, Kay, and Maddie, three very distinct and dynamic women seeking the same connection to love and family. At ease in cowboy boots or high heels, Joanna is an earth mother who longs to be barefoot and pregnant. "At eighteen I was a runway model in Paris. I thought I'd work for five or six years, then marry and start a family. At thirty-five, I wanted to be living on a ranch, with kids and dogs running in and out of the house all day, and a loyal and devoted husband making love to me all night." A diva at twenty-one, Kay, reached the height of success as a supermodel, while she broke every heart she met along the way. "I have casual affairs with people I don't love, and who don't love me, because if there's no commitment, I won't feel like I've been deserted when the relationship ends." Tender, motherless Maddie, twelve, alone and scared after feeling abandoned at a boarding school far from home, finds solace and companionship in the wild splendor of the Oregon countryside. "I live in a constant state of longing, and a kind look from a stranger, a gentle touch of a housekeeper's hand, or a reassuring smile from a teacher, make the love I yearn for bearable." Follow the intricate twists and turns of Joanna, Kay, and Maddie's lives as their different journeys lead them to the same destiny.