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Happiness: The Only True Prosperity (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living)

Happiness: The Only True Prosperity (Osho Insights for a New Way of Living)

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Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
St. Martin's Essentials
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“Happiness is not an achievement. It is your nature.” - Osho

is the twelfth title in the Osho bestselling Insights for a New Way of Living series, and the first new title in the series since 2017.

The popular Insights for a New Way of Living challenges readers to examine and break free of the conditioned belief systems and the prejudices that limit their capacity to live life in all its richness. The books shine light on beliefs and attitudes that prevent individuals from being their true selves. The text is an artful mix of compassion and humor, and readers are encouraged to confront what they would most like to avoid, which in turn provides the key to true insight and power.

About the Author

Osho is one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. Known for his revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation, the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the world. He is the author of many books, including Love, Freedom, Aloneness; The Book of Secrets; and Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder.