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Business Outcome Selling Strategies: How Next Gen B2B Sales Organizations Accelerate Sales Productivity, Operationalize Hyper-Growth Strategies, Lock (Jeb Blount)

Business Outcome Selling Strategies: How Next Gen B2B Sales Organizations Accelerate Sales Productivity, Operationalize Hyper-Growth Strategies, Lock (Jeb Blount)

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Publication Date: August 6th, 2024


As the speed of business continues to accelerate, B2B enterprises and sales organizations are being disintermediated and disrupted by digital transformation and artificial intelligence.

The Amazon effect is permanently altering buying experience expectations while technology has lowered the barriers to entry. "Me-too" competitors lurk around every corner making differentiation a fundamental challenge and margin erosion a constant threat.

Along the way, the Business to Business buying journey has fundamentally changed.

In this brutal new age of business, every B2B enterprise faces a looming and existential threat of irrelevance and extinction. The undeniable truth is that in this hyper-competitive paradigm, there are only two alternatives:

1. A race to the bottom in which price becomes the sole differentiator, customers are merely transactions, and your products and services are viewed as commodities.

2. A race to relevance in which you separate yourself from, and rise above, the "me-too" horde with a shift away from pitching "stuff" to a customer-centric focus on delivering real, sustainable value through Measurable Business Outcomes.

This is exactly why the world's most agile and profitable companies, along with the highest earning sales professionals, are taking the lead in the race to relevance by transforming how they approach the buying journey.

In Business Outcome Selling Strategies Jeb Blount, one of the most celebrated sales strategists of our generation, and business transformation guru Jason Eatmon, give you the secrets for how next generation B2B sales organizations are accelerating sales productivity, operationalizing hyper-growth strategies, and locking out competitors. You'll learn powerful strategies for:

  • Building the foundation for hyper-growth
  • Connecting cross organizational disciplines to build an agile sales and growth driven culture
  • Winning mindshare early through familiarity and shaping
  • Nine Box Qualifying and the 4Rs: Right Prospect, Right Message, Right Time, Right Fit
  • Digital Sales Transformation and integration
  • Targeting tactics, sales engagement strategies, and sequencing
  • Mastering the Four Levels of Sales to rapidly respond to buyer expectations
  • Leveraging the MLP strategy to bend win probability in your favor
  • Effective Stakeholder Mapping
  • Deploying the READ Influence Methodology to gain stakeholder buy-in and consensus
  • Differentiating with the MBO + EBO value equation
  • Leveraging the powerful SCORE Discovery Model to get below the surface and become a true partner for your customers
  • Uncovering the Metrics that Matter that lead to higher prices and long-term margins
  • Mapping and presenting Outcome Based Solutions
  • Leveraging Value Bridges to become the vendor of choice
  • Linking marketing, sales, operations, and service to deliver Referenceable and Measurable Business Outcomes
  • Deploying the CAIRE Account Management and Customer Success model to rapidly grow existing accounts and make customer relationships sticky
  • Leveraging the comprehensive BOSS Strategic Planner to win your biggest opportunities

Business Outcome Selling Strategies (BOSS) isn't a typical sales book. Inside, you'll find a powerful field guide, proven processes, and complete system that connects the dots between sales, marketing, business development, operations, service delivery, account management, and customer success.

Leveraging these strategies, tactics, and tools, your organization will transform into a well-oiled, cohesive growth machine that delivers a legendary buying experience and unassailable competitive differentiation.

BOSS is ground-breaking. It shatters old-school paradigms and forces readers to come face to face with the cold, hard truth about what it really takes to transform, shift into hyper-growth, and win the race for relevance.