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Publication Date: October 1st, 2009
Neopoiesis Press, LLC
Eagle Eye Book Shop
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From the Introduction
The complex relationship between masculine and feminine, explored consistently throughout the history of poetry, offers fertile ground for collaborative creation. In discussion of the inherent possibilities we realized with astonishment that, in a milieu where authenticity is venerated as a hallmark of quality, the lions share of published poems exploring this duality have been written from a singular rather than a dialogical perspective. The poems in this collection represent a resultant ongoing effort to break free from the bonds of such limitations; specifically, this is a collection of poetic dyads (responsorials) intended to reveal the myriad facets of the masculine/feminine adventure.
- Rich Follett and Constance Stadler
* This book includes an audio recording of the poets reading their work.
Responsorials is not only exciting for its poetic art but also for its diverse responses to this alterity of man and woman. The reader will be moved by the sentiments, surprised, and enlightened.
- Duane Locke, author of 21 books of poetry and recipient of The Edna St. Vincent Millay Prize, The Charles Agnoff Award, and The Poetry Society of Americas Walt Whitman Award
The masculine-feminine dynamic is one of contrast, balance and enhancement. In Responsorials, Constance Stadler and Rich Follett have captured beautifully the inherent vulnerability and strength within each through a tender exchange of words.
- Gillian Prew, author of standing still in motion and the idea of wings
A must-read for anyone who loves language and the exploration of (yin and yang) male and female within.
- Maria Gornell, poet, published in the Shoots and Vines all female anthology I Cant Be Your Virgin and Your Mother
Interesting that the poets mention authority, and the desire to diminish it. This goal very much echoes their take on gender, as this state of co-validity: In these poems, the poets want to avoid staking claims on authority just as this version of gender co-validity avoids comparisons but rather sees strength in the disparate voices, permitted to exist alongside.
- Lynn Alexander, poet and co-editor of Full of Crow
The exceptional collection Responsorials illustrates an extraordinary greatness, one of mimetic chanting from two equally dynamic vantage points by two rarities of the poetic world.
- Felino Soriano, author of ten books of poetry, including the newly released Apperceptions of Reinterpretations and editor of Counterexample Poetics.