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How I Rebuilt My Immune System After M.S.: And lived a better quality of life

How I Rebuilt My Immune System After M.S.: And lived a better quality of life

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Publication Date: August 29th, 2007
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It was simply fascinating for me to research several leading doctors, nutritionists and other leading experts in their fields to find that many had cured themselves or family members of major illnesses. This was a huge challenge to locate the right material to research with no medical background. Further I could have misfired and used the wrong approach that would have not worked and made me worse instead of better.

I did all of this research and rehab while suffering from a major illness, multiple sclerosis, more commonly referred to as MS. My stage of MS at the time I began rehab efforts was so severe that I was on medication where I had to give myself a shot once per week. I struggled severely to walk daily to the point I was ready to order a scooter to begin getting around, not for convenience. Walking to the mailbox or to put out the garbage required planning and being careful to avoid falling. I had several falls prior to rehab but these falls began to diminish with rehab.

This book tells you I rehabbed myself using a totally natural approach and survived total disability. Today I continue with many of the same things daily to maintain myself that I used in rehab.