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My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between

My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between

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Publication Date: March 2nd, 2021
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From New York Times bestselling author Mari Andrew, a collection of essays and illustrations, divided into phases of the sky--twilight, golden hour, night, and dawn--that serves as a loyal companion for life's curveballs

A whole, beautiful life is only made possible by the wide spectrum of feelings that exist between joy and sorrow. In this insightful and warm book, writer and illustrator Mari Andrew explores all the emotions that make up a life, in the process offering insights about trauma and healing, the meaning of home and the challenges of loneliness, finding love in the most unexpected of places--from birds nesting on a sculpture to a ride on the subway--and a resounding case for why sometimes you have to put yourself in the path of magic.

My Inner Sky empowers us to transform everything that's happened to us into something meaningful, reassurance that even in our darkest times, there's light and beauty to be found.

About the Author

Mari Andrew is a writer, artist, and speaker based in New York City. She is the author of Am I There Yet? and posts her writing and illustrations on Instagram at @bymariandrew. 

Praise for My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between

Praise for My Inner Sky

“Andrew’s new book is a calming tonic for uncertain times. It has essays and illustrations about overcoming life’s obstacles and learning to embrace `day, night and all the times in between.’ Her writing shines in a way that makes the reader feel seen.” –Washington Post

“There's something about Mari Andrew's words and illustrations that make you feel at home. My Inner Sky reminds readers of the shared grief, joy, and sorrow that we experience throughout life—and how to cope with it.”
—Marie Claire

“Looking for a grounding read? This collection of essays and illustrations can help you out with that. It’s broken into four dreamy sections: twilight, golden hour, night, and dawn. Each one tackles emotions–from trying to heal after trauma to finding love in surprising places. Plus, this book will look cute on your coffee table when you’re finished with it.”

“A bestselling author writes poignantly about finding beauty in darkness and hope in the face of despair. She’s my favorite Instagram poet (yes, that’s a thing), and it’s hard to imagine finding a brighter source of light than her words and illustrations.”
Adam Grant, award-winning psychologist, author, educator, and public speaker

“To say this year has been challenging is an understatement and it's easy to despair at the scale of the loss we are collectively experiencing accross the globe. This book is a reminder that healing is humbling, that resilience is beautiful, that there is joy in choosing yourself and that life is made of little moments worth paying attention to and celebrating. Mari makes no grand pronouncements and doesn't offer any easy advice. Instead she shares with us one word and one illustration at a time why being alive is so damn worth it.”
—Aminatou Sow, author of Big Friendship

“Mari Andrew’s words and artwork in My Inner Sky are exactly what the world needs now: hopeful, uplifting, and healing. This book is for anyone who needs an infusion of light in their life.”
—Ally Love, founder and CEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor, and host of Basics of Bossing Up

“Mari Andrew is so relatably thrilled, frustrated, and fascinated by life—so recognizably human—that it's impossible not to root for her, and in doing so, root for all of us. My Inner Sky is the deep, peaceful exhale everyone needs right now and always.”
—Mary Laura Philpott, author of I Miss You When I Blink
“Mari Andrew has a jeweler’s eye. She teaches us to look at the world, and then to look again—to make a scared ritual of the ordinary, to search for magic in the mundane, and to excavate beauty from pain. Her collection of essays, My Inner Sky, is an enchanting, big-hearted study of how to navigate the in-betweenness of grief, illness, love and, ultimately, of healing. Through Andrew’s stories, we travel through her innermost thoughts, the turbulent passages of her past, and all around the world—Spain, Greece, Australia, France, and the streets of New York City. At each turn, she uncovers hard-earned coins of wisdom in the most unlikely places. This book is a wonder, and a must-read for the heartsick, the suffering, the lonely, the seeking, which is to say: All of us.”
—Suleika Jaouad, author of Between Two Kingdoms

“A timely and modern prompt to allow, even celebrate, the full spectrum of emotion and experience into our lives, the pain, the splendor, and the many, many nuances in between.”
—Zoë Foster Blake, author of Break-Up Boss

“Her astonishment with human resilience jumps off every page. Her prose and her artwork both paint generous, vivid portraits of her emotional self. Perfect for fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic (2015).”