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Naked in the Rideshare: Stories of Gross Miscalculations

Naked in the Rideshare: Stories of Gross Miscalculations

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Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
William Morrow
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From Rebecca Shaw and Ben Kronengold, the youngest comedy writers ever for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and masterminds behind the viral 2018 Yale graduation speech, comes a hilarious collection of short stories taking on coming-of-age, memes, sex, politics, relationships, and Goop, with satire, self-deprecation, and utter irreverence.

Showing off their trademark humor and writing chops that have made them a viral sensation, Rebecca Shaw and Ben Kronengold provide a collection of startlingly funny short stories that will keep readers laughing.

Naked in the Rideshare is a riotous collection of comedic short stories, bursting with the safe spaces, shrooms dealers, and Notes app apologies that define growing up right now. The essays take a drunken cannonball into this generation’s hopes and anxieties. A camp color war ends in ritual sacrifice. A twenty-something enters a sexual relationship with his childhood fairy god milf. A summit outside of space and time brings together a teen's selves from ages 1 to 81.

Irreverent, disturbing, and surprisingly rife with hope, Naked in the Rideshare aims to shine a light on the generation we can’t stop talking about—and all the ways we get them so wrong.

Praise for Naked in the Rideshare: Stories of Gross Miscalculations

“Ben and Rebecca’s collection of shorts is incredibly original, bizarre, and funny. Each one is distinct and yet reflects their collective genius as writers who are daring and ahead of the curve.”  — Will Ferrell

“Voices of their generation. Except for Greta Thunberg. And Malala. Amanda Gorman . . . you know what, I take it back.” — Jimmy Fallon

"I love this brilliant debut collection from two hilarious, and let’s face it, strange minds. It was such a joy to read!" — Mindy Kaling

“Ben and Rebecca give brilliant voice to their generation. It’s a generation that needs to be loved, and made fun of, and these two do both in the equal measure. They have no right to be this funny and wise at their age, but isn’t that the problem with their generation? So I guess what I’m saying is that they are the problem. And perhaps the problem is the solution? Bottom line is there are very funny writers and I wish they had punched up this blurb.” — Nick Kroll

"Comedy gold. An entertainingly zany collection of sketches poking fun at the foibles of contemporary life at every age." — Kirkus Reviews