Book Consignment Program

Eagle Eye Book Shop is pleased to support independent authors by offering a consignment program. Taking books on consignment allows us to carry and feature a wider variety of books, including Independently published and print-on-demand titles; we’re not limited to the traditional publishing channels and we can help these authors reach more readers.

General Policy

We are proud to carry consignment books as part of our overall inventory. As such, we hold consignment books to the same high standards as the rest of our book inventory.

⋅ All consignment books must be bound with legible titles on the spines, imprinted with an ISBN and barcode, proofread and free of typographical errors.
⋅ We suggest having your manuscript professionally edited.
⋅ The book cover must convey a professional level of design and artwork.
⋅ We will stock 3 copies of each consignment title purchased through Ingram or Baker & Taylor if the book is returnable and not short discount.

We agree to stock books on consignment for a 2 month period. If you provided us your book through prior negotiation:
⋅ We will send payment accrued from book sales to an address that is provided on consignment agreement at the end of the consignment period.
⋅ We pay out 60 percent for consignments sold.
⋅ We will only pay for items that were sold. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor.
⋅ At the end of the consignment period you can choose to take your books back or renew your consignment for $20.00.
⋅ If you do not respond to our attempts to contact after your consignment expires we will mail the books to the address provided on your consignment agreement and will no longer be responsible for your books.

Our Program

For consideration you must provide:

⋅ A copy of your book.
⋅ A critical review or description of your book in approximately 50 words as well as a jpg of your book.

If we select your book for consignment we have 2 consignment programs to choose from. The fees help pay for the administrative and promotional expenses incurred with the many consignments we handle every year.

Basic Package $20.00

⋅ Your book is placed in a prime location at the front of the store in our Local Author Features.

Marketing Package $70.00

⋅ Your book is placed in a prime location at the front of the store in our Local Author Features.
⋅ We will feature your book in our email newsletter that goes out to 8,000 customers.
⋅ We will give you a link to place on your social media and website to buy your book from our website.
⋅ We will create a door poster for your book.
⋅ We will offer an hour consultation of how to sell your book in book stores and with social media.

If your Marketing Package is successful and sells your book after 2 months we will offer you:

Book Signing Package $70.00

⋅ Send out a Press Release to over 50 media outlets.
⋅ Feature your book signing on our webpage and event on our Facebook.

*Book signings need to be scheduled at least 5-6 weeks before the signing in order to promote the event.

Make Your Consignment Successful

⋅ Word of mouth is very important! Encourage your friends and family to purchase the book with us.
⋅ Write up a press release about your book. Don’t just pitch your book, tell a story. Write content that intrigues a person to want to read your book. Include a picture and a bio of you, the author.
⋅ Contact your local media, alumni organization, clubs, etc. and send them your press release. Include any subject matter that is relevant to your book. Tell them how you came up with the idea for your book. Mention the book is available at Eagle Eye.
⋅ Offer to speak at book club meetings, libraries, Rotary Club, and any organization/venue that might be looking for speakers.
⋅ If you have a website for your book, include a link to Eagle Eye.
⋅ Promote on all platforms of social media. Set up a business page on facebook for your book so your fans can like and follow you. Feature excerpts from your book in posts as well as pictures.

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